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OE Global 2020 presentation and notes



Notes from breakout groups in the session:

Feedback on OE Global ISAT presentation Nov 19, 2020

Group 1:

  • Curriculum – would be helpful to have some examples here like you do in the infrastructure item 13
  • Where does diversity and inclusion fit – in curriculum or broader (institutional planning)?
  • So what now- how do we get started? Tracking this?
  • Who is the bridge and liaison between groups? Need something in the tool about who should be doing this and the context – how to identify this person at the institution who would do this


Group 2:

Need to consider the purpose for which you are using the tool and potentially include examples on the tool itself. For example, here are some purposes you might use it for:

  • for research – have 20 different campuses fill this out and see whether different things work – might need a common definition of OEP so can compare across;
  • for reflection – you are using it for reflection then you might have different definitions at each institution depending upon what you want to move forward there;
  • for specific OEP project: you could swap out OEP and swap out the name of the particular project you want to do – while the tool is broad it doesn’t necessarily have to be. “here is my institutional initiative and how can I move this forward;
  • for institutional orientation/learning: learning about your institution by filling it out. Main point is that there are a bunch of different purposes you can use it for and how. You use it might be different.


It would also be helpful to have students coming through a bit more strongly throughout the tool – particularly in the partnership section but also focusing on that more throughout because they are such important partners in this work.

The one question about policy is great but there might be more to dig into – the degree to which the policy is not just there but is actually doing something

Question about PD Q 11 – the different level of the rubric are talking about infused in all level so the institution – where did this come from re; the focus on all levels as being required for transformation?

Definition shared by Catherine re: policy that m ight be helpful

Group 3:

Student education/info piece needs to be in here too – what role is it of the institution to do this work? May depend on how embedded OEP is in all that the institution is doing?

The value proposition re: convergence of online and OEP – which journey do you see yourself on and can you separate the two from each other. Maybe need to foreground that on.

Group 4

Student part – student support – UDL/focus maybe there are different parts of UDL that we talk about curriculum development in OEP and this is absent in the survey. Does it need to be more questions in the survey or more prompts re: curriculum and content development?

Add in front matter that you are free to adapt this to survey whatever strategic priority you want to support.

Application of this tool – what might it lend itself too re application and benefits. Maria comments on being able to use something like this to move from project to practice – the limits of grassroots and where at some point advancing an institutional initiative needs both.


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